Jump with us from home!

Jumping® Fitness is a scientifically engineered fitness program designed for optimal health and fitness results. It is conducted on specially developed Jumping® PROFI trampolines which are TUV SUD world worldwide certified for safety, reliability & quality assurance.

Jumping® Fitness comprises of a combination of traditional aerobic steps, dynamic sprints and ”power sports” elements. The complexity of the exercises guarantees that the whole body is strengthened. Throughout your one hour jumping fitness session, you will be guided and inspired by competent and certified instructors. You will have so much fun while working safely and surely towards your ideal body, weight and fitness goals.

Health Benefits From Regular Jumping®

Improves Stamina & Builds Cardiovascular Health

Enhances Lymphatic Circulation For Effective Detox

Boosts Immune Function To Aid Healing & Prevent Diseases

Helps Increase Bone Density & Prevent Osteoporosis

Improves Posture, Balance & Coordination

Exercises & Strengthens Every Cell & Muscle In the Body